What is the Marijuana Law in California? 


In California, the laws regarding legalization of marijuana changed in 1996 when it allowed for medical marijuana. In 2016, Californians voted to legalize marijuana in 2016 when they approved Proposition 64. This is called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

The Cannabis Law in California

California’s new marijuana laws allow individuals to have up to 28.5 grams of cannabis. Individuals can obtain 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. The laws only let a person under the age of 21 years old possess a fraction of the amount.

Identification is Needed to Purchase Marijuana

Any adult wanting to purchase marijuana can do so. However, they must possess a valid state identification card or driver’s license to purchase up to an ounce from a licensed cannabis shop. Anyone with a state or driver’s license from another state can still purchase cannabis from a licensed marijuana shop.

A Person should Educate Themselves on the Type of Cannabis They Want

A budtender is a trained employee at a licensed cannabis shop. There is no guarantee a budtender may have the experience and/or training to offer advice on which type of cannabis to choose. Thus, it’s important a person educate themselves on the available methods and strains prior to shopping for marijuana.

Type of Cannabis Available in California

The state laws require all cannabis products to be checked for purity, molds, contaminants and pesticides. The products are also checked for potency too. The potency is listed on the product, so the individual knows the CBD, THC and any other active compounds.

The State Does Allow Residents to Grow Marijuana at Home

According to the 2016 state laws, residents are allowed to grow about six marijuana plants in one household. The plants must be away from public view. It is important to check with local marijuana laws regarding growing the product at home. They may differ from state laws. Some cities have banned outdoor gardens with marijuana and restricts how much a resident can grow in their home.

Marijuana Laws are Different Outside of California

Marijuana is still illegal according to the federal government. Thus, it’s important not to travel across state lines with the cannabis. Employers inside of the state still test for marijuana when determining whether to hire and allow an employee to retain their jobs. This means that an individual may be fired or suspended if they have ingested or smoked marijuana.

The Additional Limitations of Smoking and Possession of Marijuana

It is important to mention that there are limitations to smoking and possessing marijuana even if the individual is over the age of 21 years old. For instance, they can’t ingest or smoke cannabis in a public place. There is an exception. The can smoke cannabis or ingest it if they are in accordance with the state’s Business & Professions Code. It is also not legal to ingest and/or smoke cannabis while operating a motor vehicle. A driver and/or passenger are prohibited from operating or riding in a vehicle with an open container of marijuana.

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