7 Features that Make a Digital Receptionist a Must-Have

In one article from Forbes, it has been said that a clueless receptionist today will lead to a bankrupt business tomorrow. This shows how a receptionist is important for an organization. These days, however, a receptionist does not have to exist in the form of an employee. It can be in the form of digital technology. A digital receptionist offers a wide array of features that will make it essential in managing visitors in the office and in making sure that they will leave impressed.


Even before the day of the actual visit, a digital receptionist will make it possible for guests to pre-register through a website or mobile app. It speeds up the check-in process on the day the guests arrive in the office. This also sends an early notification to the contact person.

Digital Sign-in

This is perhaps the best feature of a digital receptionist. It digitizes visitor registration, making it a must-have for a modern office. A tablet or a computer will be used to input personal details, such as name and contact number. To know more about how a visitor registration software works, visit www.greetly.com.

Photo Capture

Another good thing about a digital receptionist is how it automates the process of capturing a photo. The tablet will take a photo of the visitor before being granted access. This helps in documentation and investigation of any untoward incident. Anyone who plans to do something untoward can be deterred knowing that his or her photo is on file.

Issuance of Visitor Badges

A digital receptionist like Greetly also makes it possible to automatically issue visitor badges. It will be printed after the registration. Visitors have to wear the badge within the premises so that they can be identified as a guest.

Customizable Interface

Many of the digital receptionist programs will offer an interface that can be customized, making it possible to have it used in branding. You can incorporate the logo of the business and change the colors in such a way that it will speak of your brand.

Visitor Log

The program also stores information about the visitors. It can include their phone numbers and email addresses, which will help in the marketing efforts of an organization. This also makes it easy to determine the most common reasons why people visit and who are the persons often visited.

Instant Host Notification

Another reason why a digital receptionist is a must-have is because it sends immediate notification to the contact person. This can be done in a number of ways, such as phone call, email, text message, or instant message. This will allow the host to easily know that someone is waiting in the lobby.

With the features that have been mentioned above, it is pretty much obvious that a digital receptionist is essential to transform the front office. It is a cost-effective way to provide an improved experience for your office guests and to create a positive first impression.

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