Organising an Event? How Do You Choose an Audiovisual Equipment Rental Company?

Have you been tasked with organising an event for which you need to hire sound or lighting equipment, or other audiovisual elements? Here’s how to go about it successfully – and pull it off like a boss!

When hiring audiovisual (AV) equipment from an AV rental company, it is important to remember that the key to success is to request information from as many AV companies as possible and to concentrate not only on the price of the services but also on the quality of those services.

Start your search

Finding an AV company or AV companies dedicated to the rental of AV equipment in your area is currently a simple task, you simply have to carry out a search on the internet. Once you have the results, the list of companies, you should first look for information and opinions about these companies (this is actually the most important and difficult part of the process).

What are people saying?

Look for online reviews, client testimonials, etc. either on their respective websites or independent review sites.  Then, talk to each of the companies and compare them based on the following recommendations:

Equipment specifics

The brand superiority of the company you want to hire: unless you know enough about the characteristics of the brands to be able to have an adequate conversation, do not worry about this point. Some quick internet research can help you discover what the latest technological developments are, and on the internet,  you can also find opinions on the rental of the equipment that interests you (always look for opinions from experts on the subject).


Ask the company if its price includes transportation, installation of equipment, etc. The situation can arise where a company quotes a much lower cost than the other companies; however, in reality, you end up having to pay much more since there are some hidden costs. Make sure you are well informed about their pricing, and what is and isn’t included.

Ask the audiovisual equipment rental company exactly what equipment is included in the rental. If the situation arises that you have to request additional equipment, notify the company in advance. Also, ask for information about the additional cost of this service.

Have you told them everything they need to know?

It is your responsibility to inform the company about the nature of your event, as well as the dates in which it will take place and the place of the event. Providing the necessary information about the event to the audiovisual equipment rental company will help to organise a total and precise budget.

Once you have spoken with all the companies on your list, choose the one that responds in the most satisfactory way to all your questions and the needs of your event. In this way, you will be sure that you have hired the company that best suits what you are looking for.

Hiring an adequate audiovisual equipment rental company can determine the success of your event!


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