Tips to Ensure You Get Hired After Passing the Bar

In this life there are few guarantees, so you need to take advantage of every break you can get. In the legal world, there are only a few opportunities throughout your career when you can ensure you have an advantage. One of them occurs just after you’ve passed the bar exam and are looking for a start your career at a promising law firm.

The Right Time for a Head Start

For many new lawyers, the experience of looking for a position at a law firm after passing your bar exam marks the first time they’ve sought out a legal job. If you’ve ever worked in one of the many positions in the legal field outside of practicing as a lawyer, then you already know how difficult a task it can be to navigate the legal job market on your own.

Securing Access to a Network of Contacts

As soon as you contact a legal recruiter, your chances of getting hired already increase. That’s because recruiting companies spend years developing a network of quality contacts within the legal job market. A legal recruiter will use your credentials to match you with an opening where you’ll have an excellent chance of getting hired and enjoying a satisfying career.

Proven Experience at Navigating the Legal Job Market

None of the reading you did in your law degree will prepare you for the task of navigating the legal job market. You’ve trained to become an expert attorney at law, not an expert at getting hired – so why not hire someone who is an expert at the legal job market to help prepare you for interviews and get in contact with firms in the process of hiring?

Expert Preparation for Interviews

You can get information from legal recruitment specialists on everything from how to prepare for a legal job interview to planning out later stages of your legal career. This is such an important stage in your life because the choices that you make now will impact where you end up doing all of your future work. That’s why it’s so vital that you take advantage of professional advice from an expert that has been working to match new lawyers with satisfying careers for years.

Deciding on a Legal Recruiter

When you’ve made the decision to hire a legal recruiter to help jumpstart your career, you’ve still got to figure out which one to hire. It’s important to find a legal recruiter that you feel has a personality that you can work with.

Remember, while your recruiter will probably understand the job market and the application process inside and out, the decisions that you make need to be yours at the end of the day. If you fell pushed in the wrong direction for you, then you need to be confident that the legal recruiter you hire will be open to listening to you and helping you to shift directions.

Getting through law school and passing the bar exam are some of the most difficult things you’ll ever achieve in your life. Why not make the process of getting hired easy, while also giving yourself a better chance of securing your dream job? Contact a legal recruiter now!

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