How Professionals Keep You Safe from Modern Security Threats

Between all the news stories about multinational corporations or political parties getting hacked and other cyber security threats, there has never been so much awareness about the potential for cyber security breaches. Actually, modern threats are not just found online. Maintaining privacy for you or your company is a two-pronged effort that requires proactively addressing digital and cyber security, as well as data that exists in other tangible forms such as paper.

Read on to see how professionals keep you and your data safe from every modern threat.

Shredding Paper Documents

Do you have boxes of old documents you haven’t opened in years containing sensitive data you don’t want anybody else to access? You may have bundles of old business contracts, banking or tax information, or something else. If identity thieves learn a few basic facts about you, it may be enough to drain your bank account or other nefarious activity.

If these potential liabilities serve no other practical purpose for you, have them eliminated securely. You can’t just throw the papers out in the garbage; they need to be safely shredded.

You can call Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp when you need reliable paper shredding that’s convenient too — industry-leading information security companies often have mobile shredding trucks that can park right outside your home and shred your data liabilities right there. For higher volumes of shredding, they can pick up the paper documents in a truck and securely bring them to their facilities to be destroyed.

We may be in a digital world, but paper liabilities are everywhere still — keeping your information safe in a modern context involves addressing old-fashioned threats too.

Electronic Data Destruction

You and your business are likely to have information stored on various electronic devices. These may include old hard drives, disk drives, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.

If you have old unused devices lying around and you’re not sure if they’re a data liability, have them shredded. It’s difficult to do a full scan of these devices, so they may still contain sensitive data.

You can’t simply throw out electronics and think that the data on them is secure; the microchips on the devices need to be rendered unrecoverable. Even physically breaking the devices is not enough to guarantee that the information stored on them cannot be retrieved. After the job is done, the professional shredder should issue to you a certificate of destruction, a guarantee you can hold in your hand that the data you turned over to them no longer poses any liability.

Finally, the professional shredders you hire to eliminate your personal or commercial documents should be committed to reducing your carbon footprint. Whether the documents being shredded are in paper or electronic form, they need to be recycled properly. This can be more of a process with electronics, which may have parts which need to be safely disposed of.

Keeping your data secure in today’s modern era requires vigilance concerning new and old threats — paper and electronics. Avoid becoming the next data breach story in the news, and get your sensitive information professionally shredded today.

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