Adding A Little Bit Of Personal Touches To Everyday Items

Purchasing an item for a present is a great way to show someone that you care and are thinking of them. However, over time these gifts can become stale and repetitive. One way to overcome this is to either make the gift yourself, which is a great idea or you can have something engraved.


To have something engraved you will need to look for custom engraving services in your area.  These places will have specific machines that will allow them to engrave on a wide range of different items.  These items can be simple with a name or a date etched on them or they can be intricate with designs and even colors in some cases.


Weddings are probably the number one reason to have something engraved. Some items that you can have engraved are Champaign glasses, cake cutting knives, groomsmen gifts, picture frames and so much more. When purchasing an item for a wedding gift you can be very creative.

Baby Shower

Next to a wedding a baby shower is another great occasion to have items engraved. Items like picture frames, silver bells, clocks and more are great ways to remember this great event. When throwing a baby shower these items can be saved until the baby gets older.


When we graduate from high school or college it is a momentous occasion. Plaques, key chains and school rings can be engraved with messages. After graduation we can hang some of these items from our rear view mirror, in our dorm rooms or even in our first apartments. Celebrating your graduation of the graduation of another should be remembered.

Awards and Trophies

Showing your school spirit, commemorating an event or just want to have something cool that shows you accomplished something having an award or a trophy engraved is a great way to show off your accomplishments. Many people who play a sport such as baseball, basketball or football all get awards. These awards are all engraved. Companies and businesses also give out awards for tops sales person or even employee of the month.

When you have an organization, non-profit or community group creating awards and having them engraved is a great way to thank your members and even show off your appreciation. When creating these awards you can be very creative and have a vast array of items that you can have engraved.

Personal items

Personal items have more meaning when they are engraved. These items can be bracelets, rings and more. When finding a personal item to engrave look at the person you are giving it to. Coming up with a unique message, a specific date or even an odd saying or two that the person who will own this item will know it’s meaning to.

The personal items don’t even have to be practical. Many people who have items engraved do it as a gag gift or as a joke. Not everything that you have engraved has to be meaningful or thoughtful. In fact having a sense of whimsy and uniqueness will make what you have engraved that much more fun and unique.

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