What Are Some Of The Mistakes To Avoid During Online Survey

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An online survey is an essential part of any research. The surveys help in understanding what the audience wants. It’s so crucial to revise the questionnaire prepare to ask the right questions to people. Further, people make so many mistakes while conducting surveys. So many people don’t even know the purpose of the surveys.

Ovation MR helps academics looking for help to conduct online surveys in less than 30 minutes. You can create survey questions using your very own online tool and connect with the right audience. Likewise, making mistakes in surveys create low-quality response data. The companies sometimes miss significant opportunities.

Mistakes to avoid during online surveys

  • Asking too many questions

If the survey takes too long, the respondents get annoyed in replying to the questions. The response rate suffers from the quality of data degradation. Keep all the survey questions minimum, not taking longer than a minute for the respondent to answer.

Keep all the question types similar. Use a star rating system so that the respondents don’t wait for answering any question.

  • Making boring survey designs

The surveys must be visually engaging for the audience to like them. The respondents will stare at the surveys for minutes, so it should appeal to them. Secondly, you can use pre-designed themes from various survey websites. Also, choose a mobile-friendly survey design.

You can even create your survey design by adding background color, logo, theme, etc. The fonts should match the theme of the brand.

  • Keep the crucial questions to the end

The survey makers do make the mistake of keeping the critical questions till the end. All the basic questions, like demographic, age, location, etc., should be kept to the end. Ask all the essential questions as early as possible so that the respondents can devote maximum time to them.

  • Not providing any incentives

Giving incentives to all the survey takers also increase the response rates. The companies should provide time to the takers to appropriately respond to the question. The surveys must run on the longer side. You will begin to see improved rates in your email right at the beginning of the survey.

Just add coupon codes at the end of the surveys or make the respondents enter the prize zone after completing the survey.

  • Not adding a personal touch

People add an extra personal touch to all the email campaigns they do to attract the audience. Adding personalization helps in attracting customers. You can add the customer’s name initially that can go a long way in the completion rates.

  • Not adding any redirect

The survey should be interactive with the respondents. And the best way is by adding a redirect at the end of surveys. It is a simple way of sending an automatic URL like the landing page or website.


All the online survey tools today help in making great and engaging surveys. The goal is to have the people respond to all the important information. Making a mistake is easy, but you should rectify it on time.

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