Top 3 Qualities of a Good Packaging Design

Packaging is an essential part of distributing products in the retail space and marking them directly to potential buyers at the same time. Product packaging plays a significant role in how consumers perceive a product, how it’s used, transported, stored, and shelved.

Deciding on the packaging design is an important decision that should factor in various aspects of the product itself, the market, and particular legislation and industrial standards. In fact, companies sometimes seek packaging consulting services to help them design the best packaging for their products. Here are some essential considerations to make when creating a product’s packaging.

High Shelf Impact

The characteristics of the packaging design from the color and shape to the branding heavily influence the consumer’s buying decision. Your packaging design should dominate the shelf and stand out among other similar products. Ensure that it’s well branded and eye-catching to attract and compel shoppers to buy. The design should also be distinctive and recognizable to associate the product to the brand.

Safe and Practical

Safety is a major packaging concern, especially when it comes to food products and sensitive or hazardous chemicals such as detergents. The packaging should keep its contents safely sealed and within the specified environmental conditions. The packaging should also be practical and usable, depending on the product it holds.

Clear and Honest

Packaging can be an adverting channel to drive sales. You can print branded messages, slogans, and other marketing prints and images on the packaging to help your products move off the shelves quickly. However, you must avoid displaying misleading or wrong information on the packaging. Also, make every bit of important information such as ingredients, and disclaimers clear and legible. Misrepresentation or false advertising can attract lawsuits and legal action against the brand.

Remember to be creative with your packaging design and aim for originality and authenticity. Also, ensure that you comply with the packaging standards and guidelines for your particular class of products.

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