How to brand your business on a budget

If you are starting your business, then a question that interests you the most is how to attract new customers. Probably the best way to stand out among your competitors is to be remembered. Ultimately, it comes down to branding and marketing even if you don’t have many people to work on this or a huge budget to spend on it. Here are some simple tips to start with on promoting your business without hiring experienced marketers or agencies.

With the help of branding you can make your product or company different from others in order to get the maximum revenue from potential customers. You can achieve that when mentioning your trademark, people have certain associations that are developed from the name, service, design, consumer properties of the product and other elements. Here’s where you can start to make your business recognizable.

Let people remember you

Work on communicating your uniqueness through the logo. Think carefully about the colors and design. Is it coordinated logically with the idea of your business? Try to express your business idea through your logo as much as possible. Be consistent with images and text that present your business – make sure people won’t have to guess if this logo is yours because of the adjustments you make every time. Use the same style when building your company’s visibility in a digital world or presenting it on live events. Do not forget that your logo should harmoniously fit into your office or another business space. You can, for example, fill an empty space with wall decals and believe this is the kind of creativity that will be remembered by your customers.

Interact with your audience

Social networks are used by entrepreneurs as advertising platforms for a long time. Indeed, it would be at least short-sighted to miss the opportunity to promote your product on the most popular resources, where millions of people spend so much time. It’s always a good idea to begin with giving something –  try promotions, giveaways, handouts; getting something for free usually attracts the interest, so it is an opportunity for you to show off. When you already have your regular subscribers the main rule for maintaining interest in your account on social networks is the constant content updates. In order to improve the engagement of your audience, monitor activity on your page and post news exactly at the time when your subscribers are most active.

Use stickers

Have you already determined who your potential customers are? Then place your stickers where these people are. Tell your story, communicate something special about you, play with the space you place them on. It does not matter how your sticker looks – bright colorful or laconic monochrome. It is important to be noticed! If potential customers remembered the sticker with the advertisement of your company, then the sticker completed its mission. You can distribute among your customers stickers for laptops, phones or just funny stickers, that is, use every chance to get remembered.


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