Perfect options with the fluid-aire dynamics

Checking the air compressor periodically can prevent breakdowns at the worst times. In addition, the useful life of the device will be extended. Carrying out the preventative maintenanceof an air compressor is a simple process because this type of machinery is designed to be easily used, check at once.

Despite the technical complexity of the air compressor, any user can perform maintenance on the compressor air filter, which includes cleaning the filter and replacing it. To clean the compressor air filter, it will be enough for you to identify where the filter is located, open the container where it is located (depending on the compressor model, it is very likely that you should unscrew it from its space), remove it, shake it and replace it in its space, correctly tightening each piece. If you clean the filter every time you use the compressor, you will be saving energy consumed and avoiding common compressor breakdowns. To replace the worn filter, instead of replacing the old one, you change it with the new one and follow the same safe closing steps.

Oil change

The oil inside the compressor – in most models, in a separate cubicle – does double duty: it seals the compressor’s mechanical system and lubricates its mechanisms.

The moving components of air compressors rub against each other and with the other elements. If you want to keep the air compressor in optimum condition for use, check the oil level regularly.

In this wisdom, two key factors are there: how much oil does the compressor need and what type of oil does it use.

In both cases, an error can be fatal to the operation of the compressed air compressor. That is the reason it happens to be so significant to control the oil level.

What to do if the compressor has too much oil

Have you noticed that the compressor is expelling oil? Does it touch the sleeves or the compressor valve and oil stain? It is very possible that your compressor has a higher level of oil to the need for proper operation.

If so, using the compressor can lead to far-reaching internal damage to the compressor itself, to any of the compressor accessories and to the surface on which you are applying the compressed air from the compressor.

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