Features to Look For in a Resume Review Tool

There are many options if you’re looking for a resume review tool to help improve your job search. These tools will help you catch errors and suggest edits to improve your resume.

ATS software scans submitted resumes for keywords and match them with jobs. But only some resumes pass the ATS screening.


When it comes to creating a resume that gets read and results in an interview, there are many things that job seekers need to consider. They must hit the right keywords, properly showcase their achievements, add metrics to prove their value, and avoid random typos or grammatical mistakes.

Luckily, there are many tools available that can help you create a resume that will get noticed. These free resume review tools can provide a professional review and suggestions for improvement to ensure you have the best resume possible.

A good resume review tool should have various features to make it easy to create an excellent resume. It should also allow you to share your resume with others and track metrics about your job search activities.

Some of these tools offer a free resume checker, which can help you optimize your resume to ensure it passes the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and will likely get you an interview. Some of these tools can even give you a free resume rewrite, which is a great option if you’ve been using your resume for a while and want to ensure it’s up to date with the latest trends in resume writing.

Another important feature to look for in a resume review tool is a large selection of templates. This is a huge benefit, allowing you to select an appropriate template for your profession or industry.


A good resume review tool will help you ensure your resume gets noticed by hiring managers. The best services offer expert reviews and advice that you can use to improve your resume and boost your job search efforts.

You can find many of these services online; some even offer LinkedIn coaching. However, looking for a service that’s reputable and aligned with your career goals is important. Some of these services have high prices so they may be out of reach for most people on a budget.

The simplest and most inexpensive option is to upload your resume to a free website and get an instant review.


The best resume review tools offer a good selection of templates and allow you to customize them as you see fit. This includes the color scheme, layout, and content. Some also include suggestions of specific phrases you can add to make yourself stand out from other candidates.

Some of these tools also help you avoid the pitfalls that can ruin a resume, such as an applicant tracking system’s inability to read properly and parse information stored in the header or footer of your resume. For example, putting your name, phone number, and email address outside the header or footer of your resume makes it much less likely that an ATS can find these details.

Another feature to look for in a customized resume review tool is an ATS compatibility score. This will tell you what an ATS will be unable to identify or retrieve from your resume and your current ranking for top skills and keywords. It will also provide tips on how to improve your ATS rating.

In addition, most of these tools allow you to preview how your resume will look in different formats and what it will say in different fonts. This will give you an idea of your resume before you pay for a download or print it.

There are many features to look for in a custom resume review tool, but the most important thing is that it is easy to use and customize. These features should include a simple interface, various design templates, and an intuitive builder.


A resume review tool has many features to look for that will help you save time during the hiring process. One of the most important features to consider is the ability to filter resumes and narrow down the pool of candidates that match your job requirements.

Another important feature is the ability to automatically extract data from a resume to create a searchable candidate profile. This can save hours and ensure that the most qualified applicants are selected for interviews.

It is also important to look for a resume parser with features like natural language processing and duplicate management. These capabilities can distinguish between a resume parser that can accurately process a large volume of resumes and one that fails to perform.

Finally, it would help if you asked the vendor about the research and development they conduct to keep their software up-to-date. This can ensure they can detect any errors in the resumes they process.

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