Tips for Choosing a Good Storage Facility in Fredericton

If you have sold your home recently but you cannot move into your new home just yet, you should look for a good storage facility in your area to house your things for the time being. The question is how to get a good facility that will match your storage needs. The demand for self storage space in Canada today is considerable. Fortunately, storage providers are doing everything possible to meet this high demand, which means you can find a good storage facility. However, you should remember some things before you begin your search for storage in Fredericton.

 Be Particular About What You Are Storing

Many storage facilities offer units of different designs and sizes. With so many options available when it comes to storage in Fredericton, you can find just the kind of unit you require, but you need to know what your specific needs are. List everything you plan to store in the unit. These might include boxes, files, antiques, furniture and appliances. Once you are particular about what you want to store, it will be easier to choose the right unit. File storage in Fredericton might require a unit that is climate controlled, whereas automobile storage may require a strongly secured facility.

Determine If You Need a Climate Controlled Unit

Storage units that are climate controlled keep temperature within specific parameters, and control for humidity. This might or might not be important, depending on what items you are storing and where. In humid environments, your antique furniture could be attacked by mould and mildew. In dry climates, it could crack. A unit that is climate controlled prevents this from happening. If you are in need of file storage in Fredericton, climate controlled units will be ideal.

Choose Your Unit Size

Larger units are normally more expensive. Therefore, it is wise to determine just how much storage space you will require to avoid paying for additional, unused space. The design of a storage unit should also be considered. Some units might be relatively narrow but with lots of vertical space. Other units might have lower ceilings, but they’re wider. While design might not matter for some items, there are situations where you might prefer one design over another.

Consider Location

Storage facilities located in the city centre will possibly be more expensive than those outside of town. You can save a little bit of money by going for a facility located outside the city provided you will not require quick, regular access to your items. In any case, choose a location that is convenient for you. 

Verify Security

Most storage facilities provide safety measures to guard their units. However, some storage facilities might not be very keen on security. Security measures to look for could include limited access, security fencing, video surveillance, individual security locks, and security guards. Make sure you verify a storage facility’s security measures before signing on with them.

Choose Carefully

Although you might be in a hurry to find storage in Fredericton, it is advisable to take your time and select the best facility for your storage needs.

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