Tips for Hiring a Reputable Moving Service in North York

Millions of people in the world are in the process of moving. But even then, it is a miracle that some of them proceed without hitches. Yes, a successful move is, in itself, considered a tiny miracle. Why is this so? Well, getting a quality moving company is no walk in the park. It can, at times, prove to be a frustrating process.

Adding to the frustration, numerous moving companies have specialized in providing shoddy services or worse still, scamming people of their valuable items or hard earned money. To help you have a great experience, below are some tips to help you hire the right moving service.

Moving Inventory

A genuine and reputable mover will always take inventory of all the items you own and intend to move to your new house. He will do this to determine the weight and bulk of things that will be moved and to charge a fair price. The estimation should be thorough. The mover should look through all storage spaces in your home, including drawers, cupboards, bookcases, and garages.

A large percentage of the moving price is determined by the weight of the items in question and the space they take up. You need the estimate to be as accurate as it can be to avoid future financial inconveniences.

Thorough walkthrough

Any estimator that comes to your home and does not do a thorough walkthrough noting all items to be moved will cause you significant inconvenience. He should instead ask questions about all the things that you will need to move. He should engage you and know the pieces that will be donated to charity or given away and those that will go into the truck. This will save you some significant time.


You should never give the moving company a huge deposit before the move. Only pay for the service upon delivery. Paying in advance strips you of your control and power of when the move will be. When it comes to making the payment, use your credit card. This way, you protect yourself from potential fraudulent activities.

Packing fees

Moving is a costly activity. It is also tedious and time-consuming. However, the more you can do on your own, the better. This will help you reduce the costs of moving.

You can decide to pack the goods yourself. However, note that when you do this yourself, the moving company in North York will not be held liable for any damage sustained to the items. With that said, you might think it is a great idea to have the mover also handle the packing process. Well, they will likely be careful and use high-end materials to protect your items during the move, but they will also charge you heftily.

If you trust yourself to do a good job packing the items, do it yourself. If you don’t, hire a moving company to do it for you. And when you hire a moving company, also ensure that the packers are careful and that they will not just throw items in boxes.

Getting a reputable moving service in North York is not a walk in the park. You will need to get your facts right and be stern and strict with your needs. You do not want to fork out some huge amount of cash for mediocre service.

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