Drilling Services in Vernon, BC

If you work in an industry that involves a lot of drilling such as construction, utility installation, or the oil and gas drilling industry then you will need to have special equipment and the right skills. This will help to ensure that the drilling is done in a safe manner without damaging other structures or installations. If you lack these things, there are drilling companies that can do the drilling for you. They have the most advanced drilling equipment that can handle just about any project.

Drilling Services in Vernon, BC

If you have a project that involves drilling or related services in Vernon, BC, you will find fully-equipped drilling companies which can meet your needs. These companies usually employ modern techniques, including trenchless technologies, in order to attain maximum efficiency in their drilling. Whether you need help with your underground pipe work or electrofusion in Vernon, BC, these contractors can help. They have specialized in:

  1. Underground Pipe Work in Vernon, BC

When installing utilities or doing any underground pipe work in Vernon, BC, you will need something which will last through different conditions. Fortunately, these contractors usually install quality, durable and reliable underground pipes which can last even during floods, earthquakes or other conditions. They can work on new commercial and residential projects as well as servicing existing systems like sanitary sewers, storm and waste water and even water supply pipes.

  1. Electrofusion in Vernon, BC

If you want to create a stronger, more durable and more homogenous joint between different kinds of piping then electrofusion might be the best technique to use. It is normally used to join high and medium density polyethylene piping and other kinds of plastic piping. This method utilizes fittings with built-in electric heating elements to weld these joints firmly together. When it is done right, the joint will equal the original pipe in strength and can withstand the loads that will be applied on it during installation.

  1. Directional Drilling for Repair of Sewage Lines

No matter how well they were installed, sewage lines will eventually need some form of repair and avoiding such repairs, whether they are backups or blockages, can result in more extensive and costly damage. Fortunately, these companies usually provide unparalleled directional drilling for water as well as sewage lines. Unlike other messy and destructive excavation techniques, directional drilling will leave your property almost untouched.

  1. Hydrovac Excavation

If your project requires you to excavate in sensitive areas or to locate underground utility lines, then hydrovac excavation is a less destructive technique that you could employ. This usually involves the use of a powerful and high-pressure water system. Working together, pressurized water usually helps in loosening the earth as the vacuum excavates debris into a truck-mounted tank. The method can be used on all soil types.

These contractors can also offer plowing and conduit installation, HDPE piping, and fusible PVC, among many other services. Their services are quick, safe and reliable and will not interfere with your daily operations or the activities of the people around the worksite. Whether you require professional assistance with electrofusion or underground pipe work in Vernon, BC, these companies have the capacity to help.

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