Custom Locker Information Systems and Solutions

These systems have become a standard requirement for every business or office. Worth noting is the smart lockers which have gained popularity in the IT Systems and Supply Chain professions. They play a vital role in the automation of equipment and consumable products. This automation boosts employee productivity and proper department functions.

The modular locker software helps provide efficient solutions for securely loading and unloading items, storage of order costs for easy employee pick-up and provide notification about locker activities and inventories to administrators. These lockers can be customized by developers to create an API-logic layer synchronization. This customization is crucial in advancing tailor-made system solutions that are client specific. Standard locker modes comprise of flexible sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. These systems are adjustable to allow the addition of columns when the solution demand increases.

Site-To Store Delivery Lockers

Today, e-commerce business is growing at a fast-paced rate, in turn, pushing up the home-store delivery demands. Other customer related issues such as missed or stolen packages couple up as legitimate concerns. There is an information system that comprises a platform which is a cost-effective way to conduct site-to-store delivery tasks. This platform is also an easy self-service way that administrators can securely use to load and message clients for easy pick-up. The representative platform for the Site-to-store delivery lockers includes configuration options such as a PC, LCD/Touchscreen, Barcode scanner, and the receipt printer.

Custom Lockers

The locker system has been designed through extensive experience to allow customized storage and system design. This allows for more natural delivery, hybrid solutions, and rentals. The system functions on a modular, menu-driven approach. This approach enables the lockers to work seamlessly hence reducing customer development timelines and costs. These lockers have a wide variation in their application. They have a customized interface, hardware controls for doors and components, and complete back-end integration service to the reporting system. Some lockers designed to support vending applications have RFID sensors for digital tracking.

Phone Charging Lockers

These types of lockers are a common occurrence, popularly found in airports, restaurants, or venues hosting various events. The phone charging process provides a valuable consumer service as well as generating revenue for businesses. Consumers can securely charge their phones using these specialized lockers while going about their activities. Some of the critical features of these lockers include LCD touch screen, charging stations with secure locks, surveillance cameras, UPS power backups, and ad content display capability. These lockers are also fitted with enclosure wheels that allow easy portability.

RFID Lockers

These systems have the capability of being integrated with RFID Technology. This card technology presents returning clients with a safe and effective retrieval option. The first access is given depending on the credit card payment mode or transaction. It works by giving members who have paid a repeat transaction card for unlocking the door while positioned over the antennae. By pushing the wake-up button on the locker, the RFID reader is automatically activated. Once the users have scanned their identification cards, the door lock mechanism is released.

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