What’s the Most Effective Way to Prevent Crime?

This is a question that most people ask themselves at some point in time. For business owners, however, crime is a serious concern. So, what’s the best way to deter an attack on your business premises? Many establishments choose robust locks and signage. This is a good attempt at deterring criminals and a solution that may prevent opportunist criminals from moving forward with their intentions.

Security cameras are always an excellent addition to your security measures and may provide a level of comfort if your business is close to a busy thoroughfare. But, cameras can be thwarted in many ways leaving your business establishment vulnerable to attacks.

Consider the installation of a sophisticated alarm system connected to the local police station. This seems like the perfect deterrent. However, a potential criminal will know that after a few false alarms the police are unlikely to attend, and are more likely to admonish the owner and recommend an expensive service contract to prevent false alarms.

Visible signage and warnings around the building stating security monitoring is in progress will not deter persistent criminals from breaking into a building.

What’s the answer? Statistics prove that having a visible human deterrent significantly reduces the attacks on buildings, be it vandalism or attempt to burglarise the establishment. Security guards, static or mobile, provide the best solution for deterring criminals intent on damaging or stealing from a business establishment.

What criteria should be used when selecting a security company to guard your business premises?

Many security companies are willing to bid for contracts to secure your building. And some of these security companies have a long history. However, when it comes to making a choice of which security firm to choose, the decision can be more complicated.

For most business owners the first question is, can the business afford security guards? The answer is yes.  You can have cost-effective solutions for protecting your business establishment when the building is not occupied or provide round the clock security preventing damage and theft at your establishment.

Guards from professional and accredited security Oxford companies can effectively manage unauthorised access zones preventing trespassers from entering the business establishment while warding off opportunistic thefts. Highly trained guards can recognise security breaches and take immediate action. Security guards will be able to communicate with staff and enforce security policies set out by the business management.

Why choose an accredited security company as your security business partner?

Accredited security companies will only deploy experienced and vetted guards to establishments, allowing the client to have confidence and peace of mind about the security and performance of each guard.

The guards are trained not only in security techniques but also the laws permitted under the UK for the apprehension and detainment of would-be assailants. At the same time, the staff will find the professional security personnel pleasant and accommodating to the needs of the business. They are also trained to deal with sensitive security situations.

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