Things to Note When Checking Your Fire Extinguishers

Every company and home that owns a fire extinguisher needs to check it on a weekly basis. This is exceptionally important in business environments, where the risk of fire is high, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and industrial companies.Fire can spread fast and an unexpected fire can leave you running for a fire extinguisher that doesn’t produce results. These items are there for a purpose, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are working correctly at all times. There are a number of steps you need to follow to ensure that you have your fire management in place in the event of a fire.The first thing you need to do is ensure the device is in the right location. You should have set locations for all your extinguishers, ensuring all staff know where they are located should a fire break out. Ensure the right device is in the right location, such as a wet extinguisher should be located in the kitchen, which is the one used on wood, paper and cooking products, while a red labelled item should be placed in the office area and used for paper and textiles.

Take the time to get to know what each colour is used for, this will help you determine if they are located accurately.Next you will want to take a look at the item to ensure that it is labelled correctly and the label isn’t worn or falling off, making it difficult to identify when smoke is billowing around you.The pin should be securely in place and not be bent or damaged in any way. When you pull the pin it breaks a seal, which enables you to use the device. In the event that the pin is bent or damaged, you may not be able to pull it freely, leaving you in a difficult situation with a fire extinguisher that doesn’t work when you need it most.Neglecting to check on these items every week or ignoring unwelcome dents can be hazardous, this is why most companies choose professional fire and safety companies to carry out fire extinguisher servicing on a regular basis. This not only ensures the device will work properly in the event of a fire, but also offers you much needed peace of mind.Finding a fire extinguisher servicing company is easy, ensuring they have a good reputation and offer a reliable service is another thing all together. You will want to choose a number of companies offering this service in your local area. This will enable you to review each company and compare them against each other to find the one that you can work with for years to come.

Take a look at the services they provide. They shouldn’t only offer fire extinguisher servicing, they should also offer staff training, alarms, signs and more. This way you can choose one company to work with for all your fire safety plans and equipment.When you notice that your device is severely damaged, you may need to replace it and servicing may not be enough. Ensure that all devices which have been used are replaced immediately, those that are out of date should be handed to your service company to refill or replace and any that look damaged, should also be handed in for consideration.Fire safety is not something you can overlook, you need to ensure the safety of your family, your staff and your customers at all times. The best way to achieve this is having the ability to put out a fire in the shortest period of time.

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