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Top Three Guiding Principles to Well-organized Inventory Management

Evolving ecommerce brands are usually still in the initial stages of building meaningful, long-term connections with clients. Out of fear of jeopardizing these fragile relationships, brands can end up making poor business decisions. For example, new brands may stop discounting products after pursuing extremely aggressive buying strategies. Such decisions may put brand image and reliability…

Customer Care: Stats to Know

In business, there’s always a sequence of events to proceed from getting leads, to contacting the leads, to presenting your product or service, to them purchasing, and then the follow up or what is best known as “customer service”. When people think of customer service, they automatically see a man or a woman with a…

Custom Locker Information Systems and Solutions

These systems have become a standard requirement for every business or office. Worth noting is the smart lockers which have gained popularity in the IT Systems and Supply Chain professions. They play a vital role in the automation of equipment and consumable products. This automation boosts employee productivity and proper department functions. The modular locker…

What is the Marijuana Law in California? 

  In California, the laws regarding legalization of marijuana changed in 1996 when it allowed for medical marijuana. In 2016, Californians voted to legalize marijuana in 2016 when they approved Proposition 64. This is called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The Cannabis Law in California California’s new marijuana laws allow individuals to have up to…

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