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Make My Day

“Make my day… “We all know the saying. Made famous by Clint Eastwood as ‘Dirty’ Harry Callaghan. Said through gritted teeth while aiming a Magnum 45 pistol. It was definitely not delivered with positive intent.Today’s world is inhabited by many pessimistic people. A recent survey said a majority of young people did not expect to…

Effecting Planning of Exhibitions: An Advertising Tool in Marketing the Designer and His Products

Exhibition is the public display of artefacts such as manufactured goods, food, artefacts etc. in order to attract viewers and buyers. An effective exhibition should be well planned and organized. It is also noteworthy that only excellent works that merits appreciation and shows artists’ exceptional skills should be exhibited.The organization of an exhibition is very…

Key Success Components For M&A Offers

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) is a strategic determination, enabling progress by the acquisition of latest merchandise, enlargement into new territories and entry to new strategic clients. Extra drivers may additionally embrace bettering profitability, enhancing strategic capabilities and re-positioning the corporate. This explains the continued curiosity in M&A.It’s nicely reported that the general success charge of…

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