Advanced link building strategies in SEO

Although link building is not an easy task to do, it sure is an important thing. You can start your link building anytime without any effort and expense. Some advanced link building strategies in SEO are as –

  1. Backlinks

If you are a beginner, you can always start with the backlink. If your family members, friends and, relatives own any website, all you have to do is to ask for the backlink. But you need to make sure that the backlinks coming to your website must be relevant to your content or requirement otherwise it would not be of any use to you.

  1. Build good relationships for good link building

This factor is really important for the good link building. You can build new contacts and start communicating with the forums and blogs that are related to your niche. Communicate through comments on the relevant post and share your ideas on that relevant post. This will not only give you some good backlinks but also you will have access to the latest news.

  1. Testimonials always work

Testimonials are the perfect way to build the trust of your client because you provide them the chance to speak a few words about the product they have used. This will not only get you backlinks but will also attract traffic to your content.

  1. Your very own blog

Don’t leave your blog with only one or two articles if you want to keep it alive. You need to write posts on the regular basis that should target the audience’s interest. Your content should be well-structured and informative.

  1. Your website should be in trustworthy directories

Google usually exclude those websites that are of no use to the users or finders. You might not want to see your website in the list of false directories. Fine and trustworthy directories are always attached to the informative websites. If you are listed with such directories, the search engine will keep your website on the top making it easier for the people to reach your site.

  1. Start writing the guest post

It would be very good for the reputation of your website if other blogs or websites allow you to write something on their blog. But you need to be very careful while writing a guest post because it can build or spoil the reputation of your website which will result in major loss of your backlinks. Your writing should be relevant and shouldn’t be about your success and your website’s popularity. The professional language with interesting information should be used. If your article is nicely executed, it can be good for your website or blog. Contrary to this, it might bring a bad reputation if it is not competitively written.

  1. Common backlinks of the competitors’ website

You should also research your competitors and track their backlinks. Upon research, you might find that they have some common backlinks that you don’t have yet. You should also try to get those backlinks. “Common Backlinks Tool” is software that is designed for this work. Once you make this software work, you can enter up to 10 competitors. This will not only help you in finding their common backlinks but will also help you to find the sources and techniques of the competitors.

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