Customer Care: Stats to Know

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In business, there’s always a sequence of events to proceed from getting leads, to contacting the leads, to presenting your product or service, to them purchasing, and then the follow up or what is best known as “customer service”. When people think of customer service, they automatically see a man or a woman with a headset sitting at a cubicle, given pre-scripted answers to your questions. Though this is one kind of customer service, there are many more that are unseen or not spoken about as much. For this reason, we will speak about 22 Customer Support Statistics That You Absolutely Need to Know.

Customer Care Stats

Customer service is defined as, “the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase.” Customer service can be anything such as a birthday card on each of your customers’ birthdays, or a drip campaign to stay in touch with your customers. If a company or organization puts enough money and effort into their customer service division, then this means they actually care about who they are selling to. Now, here’s the twenty-two stats that we promised.

One happy customer can get you nine referrals on average. If one customer tells your he/she is unhappy, that means there are twenty-six who feel the same, but said nothing. Angry customers will talk badly about your business more than happy customers will speak well of it. Happy existing customers will purchase again. One existing customer equals 95% profit increase. You can charge more if your customer service is good. Customers who see great service, pay more. Customers will leave if you don’t support them.

If you mess up, say sorry. Engagement is better than speed. Empathy is one of the most important traits a business can provide. Customer service speed is most important on social media. Customers will go on social media first to speak about a business’ service. Social media can create another income stream for your business if done correctly. Customers are now seeking a chat box on your website. It’s faster than email. A live customer service chat box makes your customers happy

Adding a loyalty program to your business can keep your customers loyal. If you make things easy for your customers, their loyalty will increase. Most customers want to figure things out on their own. Automation increases customer support productivity. Customer service employees want to be appreciated. Making your customers a priority will increase satisfaction.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed what customer service is and how it can increase your customer retention, which will increase your profits when existing customer purchase again. Up-selling to existing customers is less expensive to do than trying to get new customers and will increase your profits. If your budget is low and you can’t spend much on customer service, we would advise to create a drip campaign to stay in touch with your customers and answer any questions yourself, until you can hire a customer service team.

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