employee motivation management- complete comprehensive guide 2022

Studying a lot about employee motivation gives us a thrust to know about how a business platform can actually manage it. Employee Motivation is crucial to your organization. It is the root from which stems both the progress and the downfall of your company.

This particular article is all about employee motivation management, in a way a comprehensive guide for newbies.

What drives employee motivation management?

In some ways, employee motivation affects directly or indirectly to the employee engagement. An engaged and motivated employee is emotionally committed to the company. This enthusiastic commitment tends to influence his behavior towards the organization. And this attitude impacts his Motivation to work.

Some of these factors of work motivation are–

Reward value of the goal that is a meaningful reward at the end of their efforts is a great way to keep employees motivated.

They have leaders whom they can trust. In a way, leaders value them and treat them with the same respect as they would to a senior employee.

Professional advancement is another vital motivation at work. Employees who are highly motivated to work if it means career growth.

Happiness is probably the most significant fuel for employee motivation. This factor is actually lower rated by many business platforms but it is one of the main reasons for employee motivation.

How to go for employee motivation management?

Now that you have set up the company or a business platform of your dreams and hired talented people, you need to hold on to them. And while money might seem like a good way to hold them, research shows it’s not enough.

A lot of other factors and connectivity go into motivating an employee. Below mentioned are the employee motivation management factors that one should probably look into–

Offices’ atmosphere like homes

When we say office, the things that come to mind are rooms covered in white paint, cubicles, and computers. This becomes mundane and boring. Employees don’t want to be stuck in such a place for hours. And they definitely don’t go “Wow” when entering such an office.


Most of the time, employee-employer relationships turn sour because of miscommunication. Employees aren’t clear on what their leaders want. Employers get angry when they don’t receive the results they expect.

End note-

Employee motivation and its management both are different concepts. To take a piece of vivid information, a business platform should definitely go through and dig more for betterment.

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