Top Trends in the Delivery Business to Follow

With e-commerce companies worldwide grossing more than $23 trillion in annual sales, customers deserve and demand faster and better deliveries for goods bought from online retail shops. This shift in customer expectations means most businesses in the logistics and courier industry need to improve their services and logistical infrastructure in order to remain relevant.

Here are some key industry trends every courier business owner needs to follow in 2019:

Real-time Visibility

The logistics and supply chain industry is fast heading towards trackable and fully transparent services. The idea is for the logistics business owner and the customer to know the exact status of each order and driver. Besides helping companies become more efficient, customers know exactly the location of their purchase and can interact with the driver at any point. This has even been adopted in the food delivery business with Domino’s incorporating a tracking app for their drivers.

Use of Automation

The automation of certain stages within the logistics process helps save time and human effort, unlike the traditional manual processes. The introduction of automated processes in the delivery industry speeds up overall processes and decreases human error.  Shipment deliveries are made much faster, and the delivery company can handle orders satisfactorily.

Delivery through Autonomous Vehicles or Delivery Drones

Due to the increase in the demand for fast and secure delivery, the concept of delivery through drones and autonomous vehicles were introduced. Delivery companies are able to conquer the last mile and deal with excess delivery orders. When properly sustained and optimised, this could revolutionise the delivery industry, granting longer life to courier vans by reducing the responsibilities placed on them.

Focus on Millennials as Key Drivers

The e-commerce and logistics industry rely majorly on Millennials to thrive. Millennials spend a substantial amount of their budget to shop online and purchase ready to eat food. The generation also demands effortless, fast, and secure delivery in return.

As the key and future drivers of the industry, delivery businesses need to create effective marketing strategies that will target Millennials primarily. Business strategies should also be focused on better satisfying this important generation.

Conquer the Last Mile through On-Demand Delivery Services

On-demand delivery services provide important features like real-time tracking of order, flexible delivery, automatic invoice generation and constant notifications regarding the delivery.

On-demand delivery services when fully optimised can be used to boost the last mile delivery. This provides better comfort and satisfaction to customers and will ensure the long-term survival of the industry.

Stay Flexible and Open to Change

With the fast pace with which the world is developing, industries that fail to respond quickly to new trends stand the risk of getting knocked out of business. The courier business itself is one that sees a lot of changes and demands flexibility from companies. In late 2017, drone delivery was the subject of media frenzy, and the focus shifted to self-driving delivery vans by 2018.

Re-think the way you operate and keep your business principles and strategies flexible. This keeps you strong and ever-ready to deliver when the need arises.

Signing Off

With the abundance of delivery companies and the significant penetration of smart devices, customers demand better service and faster delivery. Your courier and logistics business needs to remain open to change to stay ahead of these trends.  This is the only way you stay relevant in the industry and control the game ultimately.

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