How Does A Church Use Reusable Tote Bags?

Reusable totes can benefit a church in multitude ways. This is an outstanding tool that helps businesses offer plentiful opportunities for the church to increase its ministry outside the entrance of the building, into the local community, and to the ecosphere beyond. This is the handy list that lists a dozen amazing ways to churches.

What Are the Different Types of Reusable Tote Bags?

Reusable tote bags come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs to select from. You can even get your church logo/event logo or business message printed on the bags. These are an ideal way for the church to celebrate events as well as increase awareness about the adventures, and activities.

  • Non-woven
  • Jute
  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Nylon, and
  • Polyester

CustomEarthPromos is a reputed place to buy environment-friendly items. These items are made from durable reusable and recyclable materials. They offer custom printed bags that serve as an outstanding tool for business promotion.

A Welcome Gift for New Members

A reusable tote bag is a good way to welcome each new member who joins the worshipers. This is an eco-friendly way for the church to show appreciation to them and make them a part of the church family.

To Honor Mission Tours

Mission excursions are a vital part of an active and progressing church. It is a way to spread the teachings of the Divine. A mission trip also helps create an incredible bond and growing experience for people who attend and become a part of it. Giving away a reusable bag to the attendees of the trip makes it a memorable trip.

An Ideal Offering for Women’s Retreat

A reusable tote bag is a great way to appreciate the efforts of women to participate in the retreat event. These include notebooks, canvas, or cotton tote, pens, water bottles, prayer guides, refrigerator magnets, journaling, and innumerable small gifts to take to home.

For Participants of Youth and Children Event

A lot of kids, teens, and youths participate in a variety of events that are organized in the church all around the year. This includes lock-ins, vacation Bible school, trips, logo imprinted drawstring bags, reusable tote bags for the event to honor their contribution.

Promote Environmental Consciousness within the Churchgoers

A lot of churches are actively involved in environmental initiatives that include Earth Day and other types of celebrations that happen throughout the year. Giving away reusable bags is one of the ways to conserve nature.

Use for fundraising activities

Churches require funds for a variety of purposes such as:

  • New hymnals
  • Mission trips
  • Youth trips
  • Church renovations
  • New church bus
  • Church renovations
  • Eco-friendly initiatives for the church
  • To supplement church ministries.

A church can employ any of the below ways to raise funds:

  • Sell the actual bags.
  • Fill the bags with useful items and sell them/organize a draw for them.
  • Conduct a mystery bag sale.
  • Fill them with baked items and sell them.


Whether the objective of the church is to become a zero-waste church or look for ways to develop solidarity among the members, reusable tote bags for the church are an ideal way to go.

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