Why the right sign will bring in more customers

When you think about the sort of signage you’d display outside your business, there are a few boxes you’ll want to make sure you’ve ticked. In addition to being attractive and eye-catching, the signage should also be recognisable and on-brand with your business. Here are a few great tips for designing the right kind of signage.

Make sure you include the basic information

Many businesses make the crucial mistake of getting excited about signage and forgetting to add basic information onto the face of the sign. To avoid this, you should make sure you include your business name, logo, contact details (such as a phone number or email address) and website URL if applicable.

Alongside this, depending on the space available, you should aim to include some sort of call to action. This is particularly important for retail signage. These are aptly named because you are trying to rouse the customer to take some sort of action, whether that’s getting in touch with you or visiting your shop. Examples of snappy calls to action include “Get in touch now!” or “Don’t delay, call today!”

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Of course, these are somewhat cliche and you can play around with the language until it suits you. If you need assistance designing your Retail Signage, there are plenty of businesses out there to help you get the most out of it and use the most effective language possible.

Choose design elements carefully

Colour and font choice will greatly impact how consumers view your sign. For example, if you’ve got white writing on a black background, this will stand out nicely but may not be the most eye-catching approach. However, if you’ve got yellow writing on an orange background, this will certainly be bright but definitely not the easiest to read. There are many guides on how to choose the best font for your brand in order to ensure people can read and remember your message.

Consider the size and location

Finally, contrary to popular opinion, bigger isn’t always better. You don’t want the sign to be so large that it’s distracting for drivers and they can’t read it all before they drive past. Your sign should be large enough to be eye-catching and placed in a clear, unobstructed location in order to maximise its effectiveness.

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