Tips to improve your workplace safety & health

It is an open secret that workplace safety is the most affordable way to protect the backbone of a company – its workforce. Companies arrange workplace safety training for the employees to provide them with the expertise and resources they need to do their jobs safely for themselves and their coworkers. This training also provides guidance and recommendations for recognizing the risks, reporting them, and dealing with accidents at the workplace.

The commercial health and safety environment has changed drastically in the year 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, and these developments are expected to last for a long time. Organizations are forced to adopt new workplace safety and health guidelines according to the changing government guidelines in the current scenario. Workplace personal safety training has become more important than ever.

Employees adjust to new working arrangements, and some are working from home, and others are adjusting to new distancing steps. Despite all the positive COVID vaccination rollout, this one will take some time for businesses to return to normal. Still, personal workplace safety has become a high priority in 2021.

Basics of workplace personal safety training:

Here it is also necessary to understand that workplace personal safety training is not the same for everyone. Different organizations, sectors, and workplaces have different safety preparation standards and variant training frequency. So you cannot consider occupational safety training a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

“BASIS TRAINING” knows the customized version of workplace safety training for a variety of scenarios. It is not enough to simply follow the rules, but this training aims to generate alertness, reduce accidents, increase sensitivity, and keep workers prosperous, comfortable, and secure.

Tips form an effective workplace safety program:

Health and safety experts at BASIS TRAINING have mentioned here few safety guidelines of the biggest changes to help you avoid accidents at the workplace in the year 2021:

  • It is a must to identify particular business needs and potential hazards and then define training objectives. There are mainly two kinds of issues in an organization, first problems that require proper training to get resolved, and second, the issues need other solutions like warning signs and safety equipment.
  • The next step is the involvement of the workforce to develop, implement, and then optimize personal safety training program. This staffs members understand how a task can be done and what safety and health dangers one can face while doing that work.
  • Use threat monitoring coordination channels in the safety training program so that staff know how to inform about a safety issue and avoid an injury.
  • A few modular training and testing procedures that are helpful to each role, just like safety handling of electrical equipment, are the same for an engineer and labor.
  • It is the basic need to involve managers and subordinates in personal safety training programs to educate them about the safety criteria of their team. This is the most effective way to spot problems with employee adherence to safety regulations.
  • Learning is a continuous process, and personal safety training needs to be updated from time to time. An organization has to provide their workers with constant and quick access to safety training material to keep them updated.


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