Building Good Morale at Work

As a business owner, boss or team supervisor, you have the responsibility to keep things running smoothly in the workplace. Keeping up employee morale is an important part of that process. When workers and staff know they are appreciated, they are often willing to give more in return. Consider a few of the following ways to improve morale in your workplace.

Personal Remembrances

People appreciate being remembered on their birthdays, a wedding or engagement, a new baby or other such events. It need not be an elaborate or expensive effort, and it does not need to be a distraction in the office. Something as simple as a single flower in a vase, a cupcake shop boxed treat, or a couple of balloons at their station. Make sure to include a note of congratulations signed by management.

Free Lunch

Everybody likes a free lunch. Why not make it really special and order the box lunch catering Seattle WA employers are raving about. This is a great way to celebrate a goal the office has accomplished, break up long days of overtime or as an incentive to push through a rush.


It is important to observe milestones, such as ten years on the job, retirement, or promotions by reaching out and offering public recognition. This gives other employees an opportunity to reach out and offer congratulations as well, building support and encouragement between workers.

Family Time

It is hard when working parents have to miss such events as school plays, concerts or even parent-teacher conferences that take place during the workday. Allowing as few as two or three events per school year can make a big difference to the employee and their family

Happy workers are more productive workers. Anything management can do to show appreciation and acknowledge the human side of their employees makes a big difference.

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