Blunders to Avoid When Shipping Merchandise to Clients

If your business regularly ships merchandise to clients, the wellbeing of your cargo should be among your foremost priorities. No matter how forgiving a client may be, they’re unlikely to overlook habitually damaged shipments. While some clients are liable to grant second chances, others won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere after the first blunder. As any company with shipping experience can attest, not all damaged shipments are the fault of the sender – but a good number of them are. Companies looking for effective ways to improve their shipping practices should take care to avoid the following oversights.

Not Providing Cushioning

When shipping merchandise that’s delicate in nature, it’s imperative that you provide sufficient cushioning. In the absence of cushioning, cargo is left with nothing to absorb the various shocks and bumps it’s sure to endure throughout its journey. If you’re unclear on the most effective type of cushioning for the type of cargo you wish to ship, enlist the aid of a dependable shipping company. Not only can a good shipping company provide you with solid packaging recommendations, they may even be willing to pack your shipments themselves for a nominal fee. The additional cost should prove well worth the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing your shipments are professionally packed.

Not Investing in Specialized Shipping Tools

Companies that regularly ship delicate machinery, computer equipment or industrial tools would be wise to invest in specialized shipping aids. For example, a dependable shock watch or impact monitor can provide senders, shipping companies and recipients with a solid indication of how much damage a shipment incurs while en route to its destination. It’s a client’s right to know the level of peril an expensive shipment was exposed to before they received it, and the aforementioned tools will provide both them and you with the necessary info. If shock watches and impact monitors indicate that your shipments are absorbing a fair number of shocks while in transit, you may want to consider taking your business to a different shipping company.

Not Using Reliable Shipping Companies

A reliable shipping company can be an invaluable ally to any business that ships delicate merchandise. Conversely, an unreliable shipping company can be a significant hindrance to any business that wants merchandise delivered on time and undamaged. With this in mind, look for a shipping company with a good reputation among other businesses in your field and a proven track record of timeliness and dedication. Additionally, any shipping company you do business with should be willing to accept responsibility for damaged shipments – provided the damage is undeniably their fault.

No client relishes receiving a shipment that incurred damage while in transit. In some instances, the fault lies exclusively with shipping companies, but in many cases, the blame falls squarely on the sender. Luckily, reducing the frequency and overall likelihood of damaged shipments is well within the abilities of any enterprise. Proper packing materials, specialized tools and dependable delivery companies can be a boon to your business’s shipping efforts.

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